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Cambium Business Consulting understands the complex nature of growing and optimizing your business to reach its full potential.

We are a business growth consultancy firm that works to develop effective strategies that address opportunities in sales, marketing, operations, finance and leadership.

With extensive experience working with a range of clients at different stages of growth, we specialize in scaling businesses for success.

Work with us to create easy-to-follow strategies that are designed specifically to meet the needs of your business and your operating environment.

Cambium Business Consulting Clients

Case Studies

Meet Cambium Business Consulting CEO, Chris Legler

Chris Legler is a growth oriented leader who defines and implements strategic plans. For most of his career, Chris has been involved with growth, transformation and optimization of a number of businesses with particularly strong experience in coffee, consumer products, retail, restaurant, circular economy and manufacturing industries. His experience includes over 20 years as a senior executive and over five years as a growth management consultant. More About Chris

With almost 30 years of experience, Cambium Business Consulting works collaboratively with clients to lead high-visibility, innovative growth initiatives that enable rapid growth and ongoing success.

Cambium Business Consulting CEO - Chris Legler